Jopen Intensity Kegel Vibrator

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There May Be a Reason Your Kegels Aren’t Working…

A new theory claims that Kegel exercises do not work. In fact, it claims that Kegel exercises are damaging to the vagina and surrounding muscles, nervous tissue and skeletal structure. Instead of strengthening your vaginal muscles and making your vagina tighter, Kegel exercises distort the shape of your vagina, make your vagina more loose, and makes your vaginal muscles even less capable of sexual enjoyment and desire, strong orgasms, bladder control, and vaginal tightening. In essence, doing Kegel exercises may take the exact opposite of your desired effects. Do Kegel exercises work? Or do Kegels stretch the vagina worse than before? This article examines the science and the logic of whether or not Kegel exercises work, and whether or not Kegel exercises make your vagina tighter or looser. It also suggests a way to tone the same muscle and make your vagina tighter without the risk of further stretching, pulling, tearing or harming your vagina or any of the surrounding tissues and organs, using Intensity by Jopen.

Make Your Vagina Tighter WITHOUT Doing Kegel Exercises

There is a new device on the market that uses the same electrostimulation technologies used to aid the healing of nerve damage and muscle pain. This product automatically causes the vaginal muscles to contract and release in a rhythmic pulsing pattern that simulates exercise, but does not stretch and tear the sacrum or other essential connections between the spine and vaginal nerves. From Jopen–the manufacturers of the Vanity product line–comes a revolution in women’s pleasure and health: Intensity. Intensity is both a rabbit vibrator and a Kegel exerciser in one, so instead of devoting special time to working out your Kegels, you can experience intense pleasure and orgasms like you’ve never experienced before! Read more about the Jopen Intensity vibrator and Kegel exerciser….